Legendary knife


The Vector knife was originally developed by Kizlyar Supreme specialists for a wide range of users, including law enforcement agencies. And representatives of law enforcement agencies participated as consultants in the development of this knife. It is based on traditional Soviet combat knives, such as Trud knife Vacha, NR -40, NR -43 Cherry.
Full length: 280 mm
Blade length: 160 mm
Blade thickness: 5.7 mm
Handle length: 120 mm
Weight: 244 g
Steel: AUS-8, 420HC, PGK
Hardness: 58-63 HRC
Handle: Kraton
Sheath: Polypropylene
Blade finish: StoneWash or TacWash
Design: the shank runs the full length of the handle
Warranty: Kizlyar Supreme lifetime warranty
* parameters may vary by up to 5%


a little history
The roots of the Vector knife are native and date back to the time of the Great Patriotic War, but it's embodied in the latest materials, according to modern military standards.

The requirements for such knives have increased significantly over time, so the task that faced the developers was serious.
With a blade length of 160 mm, this knife covers all the tasks it can face. Vector easily handles the tasks of a hunter (harvesting and cutting animals), the tasks of a tourist (planing and preparing wood French fries for firewood, preparing branches for bedding, cooking in the field and cutting food). Vector was designed for the widest possible range of tasks in the expectation that in a long campaign that it can be the only one and that this knife will have to do absolutely everything.

The thickness of the blade is about 5.7 mm. This allows it to be called a utility knife, but also gives the blade a huge reserve of strength for power work. The tip of the knife is also very thick and strong.
balanced steels
The Vector is manufactured in two steels: AUS -8 and 420HC.
Both steels are known for their malleability, ease of machining and sharpness, and excellent corrosion resistance.

Their toughness makes them ideal for general-purpose applications. And their modesty in terms of corrosion resistance will appeal to those who have little time to care for their knives.

The steel's hardness of 56-59 HRC provides long-lasting sharpness, so you will not have to constantly resharpen your knife.
To compensate for the thick cutting edge, the knife is equipped with very wide bevels, which make up more than 4/5 of the blade. Such wide bevels with a relatively thin lead give the knife an excellent controlled cut without any compromise. So the mention of field cooking was not just for the sake of a red word - this functionality in the Vector is also well thought out.

The width of the blade is 22.5mm, which gives the knife a solid punch and makes it even more functional, but more on that later.
The knife is constructed on the principle of through-mounting, i.e. the thick shaft goes through the handle and comes out at the heel of the handle as a glass bead (it is also a flat surface that can be used for hammering in, for example, a nail). The handle is made of tough Kraton. This is a special type of rubber plastic that is abrasion, temperature and moisture resistant. The handle does not become soaked, remains grippy even when wet, is easy to clean, and does not turn brown in freezing temperatures.
Horizontal textured stripes, as on the HP -43 Cherry, and the shaft shape provide even more grip.
A strong steel guard protects your fingers from the front. Its slight curvature allows you to hold the knife as comfortably as possible.
In the back, the mushroom of the handle protects your fingers from slipping.

The knife is equipped with a hole for a safety strap.
The sheath is a special pride of the manufacturer.

It's so compact that it fits easily into the MOLLE holder.
into the MOLLE holder (this is where the narrow blade of the Vector comes into play). Special loops allow the sheath to be attached to the unloader with a special steel clip or simple paracord. A special lock, known to many from Kizlyar Supreme's Tactical Echelon line, holds the knife firmly in the guard area and allows the knife to be carried upside down without additional locks.
For belt wear, a quick-release attachment is provided that adjusts to any belt width. There are two ways to carry the knife: on a loose hanger with open overlap belt and rigid with closed belt. You choose the option depending on the task. For example, in the forest, in the bushes, it is better to carry the knife rigidly, so that it does not catch on anything. And when getting into the car, the overlap can be released, and the knife will take the most comfortable position on the free suspension.

The lowered fit allows you to carry the knife comfortably with long winter clothes.

Where to purchase
Where to purchase
For all questions, including general information, purchasing, warranty and post-warranty service, cooperation, wholesale and other, you can contact our head office in Russia or your nearest distributor.