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Kizlyar supreme

Superior performance knives
made in Russia

The web-site is currently being updated.
Please pardon the work in progress.

About us

We are a high quality knife manufacturer based in Russia
Kizlyar Supreme is the leading knife manufacturer in Russia with a proven record of quality and reliability. Among many achievements in local civilian market with Kizlyar Supreme knives being considered some of the best tough knives for a variety of uses, the company is the biggest Russian knife exporter with a presence in most major countries.

Kizlyar Supreme for the last four years been producing high precision blades for the Russian Army's newest generation Ratnik gear set as well as making brand new range of knives for Kalashnikov and other brands.

Kizlyar Supreme is one of a handful brands in the world backing up their knives with a lifetime warranty.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us directly or with one of our dealers closest to you.