Kizlyar Supreme's signature finish (blade surface treatment)

TacWash was originally developed based on the needs of law enforcers, but it has already been appreciated by hunters as well, as this finish completely removes glare from the blade.
In TacWash technology, the blade is treated with quartz sand and polished in a long, multi-stage vibratory polishing process. The result is a matte surface of deep gray color. The blade is absolutely glare-free, resistant to scratches and other mechanical influences, and its corrosion resistance is significantly increased. The knife retains its marketable appearance for a long time and is easy to clean.

Kizlyar Supreme specialists spent about a year tinkering with TacWash technology: They reviewed machining methods, tried different compounds and abrasives. Suffice it to say that ceramics, special composites, and various types of stone were used for the surface treatment. However, the result was worth the financial and time investment.

The result, however, was worth the financial and time investment. Not only did the surface prove to be very practical, but it was also relatively inexpensive, which lowered the cost of production and thus the price of the finished knives for the end customer.
In addition, unlike most coating and spraying processes, the technology is completely environmentally friendly.

After releasing and testing the first samples processed with the new technology, we noticed that the finish was significantly different from analogous processes (Stonewash, Greywash, Blackwash), so we decided to give it a new name. Thus, the new TacWash finish appeared on the Russian and later on other knife markets.

This finish completely removes the shine from the blade and gives it a beautiful gray color.
Increased corrosion resistance.
Increased resistance to scratches and scuffs.
Practical and easy to maintain.
It is a surface treatment, not a painting or spraying process. TacWash cannot be scratched, chipped or rubbed off.
The technology is completely environmentally friendly.