New from RedSteel! General X2 is now available to purchase!
The General X2 (General) – is the second knife in the RedSteel (Redsteel) lineup.

Like its predecessor, the General X2 features the best price-to-performance ratio on the market.

The blade is made of reliable corrosion-resistant 420HC steel in Kizlyar Supreme's proprietary nitrogen hardening. The steel is hardened to a hardness of about 57-58 HRC and demonstrates an excellent balance between strength, impact toughness and retention of cutting edge sharpness. 420HC does not require any special care, is easy to sharpen, and is resistant to pitting and chipping.

The length of the General X2 blade is 140 mm, which immediately makes it an excellent all-rounder. The thickness of almost 3 mm at the edge provides durability and good cutting. The knife is perfect for going out into the woods, any household or construction work, tourism.

That's why this modification of General X2 is already equipped with a leather sheath with a belt loop.
The walnut root handle feels good in the hand. The wood is impregnated with a hydrophobic compound. The pronounced butt stop protects your fingers from slipping on the cutting edge.

The all-metal shank transitions into a glass block at the heel of the handle. The design of the knife allows you to easily hang on it with a templar or a carabiner.

At the end we have a simple and reliable working tool with a lifetime warranty. Functional, but not lacking in personality and charisma.

Rightfully one of the best knives for its money.