Paracord from CORD
Dear friends,

New paracords by CORD brand have appeared in our online store Kizlyar Extreme.
Paracord is a lightweight polymer cord made of nylon, originally used in parachute slings.

The construction of paracord cord is several bundles of thin threads in a smooth braided cord. These are sort of small ropes inside a larger rope. This design allows not thick looking "rope" to withstand very high breaking loads.

Numbers in the name of paracord: 275 and 550 characterize the minimum force to break the cord in pounds, which corresponds to 125kg (275lbs) and 249kg (550lbs). Due to this phenomenal strength, paracord is used in both military and civilian applications.
Paracord was originally used by airborne troops, but quickly became widespread in the army. Paracord was often used in situations where a light rope was needed, for example, to secure equipment, as a lanyard, to avoid losing small or necessary items, to tie backpacks to the shelves on equipment.

After the end of World War II paracord became available to the general public and having ceased to be a purely army military product began to actively conquer the civilian market. Its properties were appreciated by hunters, fishermen and extreme tourists, and it turned out to be very useful in everyday life.

Besides utilitarian applications, paracord can be used for making bracelets, belts and other decorative items. Sometimes such products are woven in such a way that they can be easily and quickly unraveled for use in extreme situations.

Extracted core threads can be used, for example, in clothing repair or as fishing line in extreme situations. The outer sheath of paracord is often used separately, without the center strands, when a thinner or less elastic rope is needed, for example, as shoe laces. The ends of the paracord are almost always melted and crimped to prevent unraveling.