New product arrivals: Whisper D2, Sturm mini k340.
Good day, dear friends! We are pleased to inform you of a new arrival of goods to our warehouse.
Whisper D2 TW folding knife

Whisper is one of the most popular and stylish folding knives in the Kizlyar Supreme lineup. This modification of the knife is available in the famous D2 steel and the proprietary TacWash blade coating.
Sturm mini K340 tourist knife

This knife is very compact and looks absolutely harmless, so it can be easily worn around the neck, on a belt or on a keychain without causing silly questions from others.
Every-day-carry knife Stream N690

Stream knife turned out to be very bright and charismatic. The blade with a smooth curve of Japanese tanto is made with straight descents. In spite of the 3.5 mm thick blade, the knife cuts perfectly. N690 steel makes it durable and easy to maintain.
Delta Training knife

The training versions of Kizlyar Supreme knives are virtually identical to their older counterparts in terms of weight, size, ergonomics and grip. This is especially important for military and special services fighters, as training sessions are conducted safely, but with a familiar knife in the hand.