AUS -10Co steel is a fundamentally new corrosion resistant alloy created on the basis of the so proven "family" AUS.
AUS-10Co is a novelty not only for the Russian, but also for the world knife market.

In terms of properties AUS -10Co is comparable to such steels from the top league as N690 from Bohler. Its hardness after hardening and multi-stage tempering is about 60 HRC, and at the same time it is as good sharpening and breakout resistance as AUS -8, which is preferred by many. But the cutting quality is quite different, in this case AUS -10Co is easier to compare with D2 or Sleipner.

The corrosion resistance is also on the same level here.
So, for quite reasonable money, we get an excellent working steel, which can compete on a par with the premium segment steels.
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