Good autumn day, dear lovers of the sharp!
Nowadays, a strong and reliable knife is the best companion in any extreme situation.

That is why we have made a special promotion on the most important knives for you. We present you a range of tactical knives from Kizlyar Supreme at the best prices. The action is valid from 29.09.22 to 03.10.22.

A tactical knife (tactician) is a knife with a strong, powerful blade and pronounced handle stops or garda. In terms of functionality, such a knife is very similar to a combat knife, but does not belong to the cold weapons and does not require special permission to carry.

Most often, such knives are equipped with sheaths made of Kydex or plastic with the possibility of attachment to MOLLE unloading systems.
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The Echelon tactical knife line includes: Alpha, Aggressor, Croc, Delta and Trident. It is intended for use in special forces, but also these knives meet most of the needs of hunters, rescuers and tourists, because they are above all reliable and functional knives.

The Sensei and Senpai tactical knives are made with blades in the shape of a proper Japanese tanto. Their names are appropriate: sensei means teacher, mentor, and senpai translates as "the first disciple of the sensei". Both knives feature long, strong blades and are equipped with compact sheaths made of impact-resistant plastic.

Dominus and Centurion are 2 solid brothers, which have a thickness of 5 mm at the cutting edge and are designed on the principle of through-mounting, which means that the shaft goes through the handle and forms a glass block.

Separately worth mentioning is the tactical knife from Sturm. It is a perennial favorite of Kizlyar Supreme on all six continents where our knives are sold, thanks to its universal shape, comparatively compact design, carefully selected materials and excellent heat treatment of the blade.
нож Kizlyar Supreme, Kizyar Supreme, нож Ural Sleipner, нож Kizlyar, купить нож Россия, Кизляр Суприм
The most important thing when choosing a tactical knife is its comfort, reliability and ergonomics. That is why all Tactical Echelon knives are equipped with a very well thought-out attachment system and are compatible with MOLLE.
Blades for tactical knives undergo a special heat treatment in nitrogen and are characterized by high strength.

The choice of steels is also not random:
420HC is an American stainless steel with very high impact resistance and toughness. You know what to expect from 420HC knives: excellent corrosion resistance, reliability and easy maintenance. 420HC is easy to sharpen with any on-site sharpener.

AUS-8 is a Japanese steel with good corrosion resistance and high breaking strength. Knives made of this steel are easy to sharpen and do not require special maintenance. AUS -aUS-8 is a relatively inexpensive steel, which is why it is very popular in the knife industry.
нож Kizlyar Supreme, Kizyar Supreme, нож Ural Sleipner, нож Kizlyar, купить нож Россия, Кизляр Суприм
D2 is a punching tool steel that has become legendary in the knife world for its amazing wear resistance. Today, D2 is used for mid-range and high-end knives because it has a truly superior cut and maintains the sharpness of the edge for a very long time.

Thanks to the high content of alloying elements (carbon, tungsten, vanadium, molybdenum, silicon), PGK premium steel is characterized by aggressive cutting and maximum wear resistance, i.e. it retains its sharpness. At the same time, the blades are very strong and resistant to chipping, even at high hardness of about 62-63 HRC. If you want to combine excellent edge retention, sharpness retention and maximum durability, choose a blade made of PGK.

The handle scales of tactical knives are double-pressed from impact-resistant plastic and Kraton, a material known for its toughness and wear resistance. It should be noted that the handle is specially designed for working with tactical gloves.
TacWash anti-glare finish gives the blade a deep gray color, completely removes the glare, improves anti-corrosion properties and, unlike most coatings, is resistant to mechanical damage, virtually no fear of scratches. Knives with TacWash finish were highly appreciated by law enforcement officers, and now it has become available not only on the highly specialized, but also on the mass market.

The tactical knives are equipped with sheaths adapted to the MOLLE attachment system. During the development of the sheaths, a number of requirements were taken into account in order to meet the strict standards: The knife must be silent when carried, it must be possible to insert it into the sheath with both sides of the sheath and it must be securely fastened in at least two points.

The Tactical Echelon sheath (like the Dominus sheath) consists of a multifunctional nylon sheath and a high-tech plastic liner. The knife is secured in the sheath by special protrusions that fit into the recesses of the handle. The front part of the blade is fixed in the recess of the liner by a special clip to prevent the blade from rattling when carried.

On the sheath there are additional pockets for tools, kit, sharpening tool, flashlight, multitool or folding knife for small work. The attachment is made with MOLLE strips and it can be attached virtually any MOLLE -compatible bag (eg tactical bags of some Leatherman models or Fenix flashlights).

Some tactical knives (Sensei, Senpai, Sturm) have sheaths made of strong polyamide material. They hold the knife very well in any position, are lightweight and do not absorb moisture, so the blade stays dry. The hold of the knife inside is so secure that you can safely carry the knife on the unloader with the handle down. Removing the knife from the sheath is silent, as required by Army standards. This will also be very appreciated by hunters.