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Today we will talk about a suit knife.

Jacket knife, also called suit knife or men's knife, is probably the most laconic and at the same time elegant class of knives for everyday use. It is an accessory knife that practicality.
and charisma, sophistication and simplicity.

Here we tell you the story of the jacket knives.

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History of the jacket knife:
Gent is a shortened version of the English word gentleman. The knife is so called because it belongs to the category of jacket knives, which are usually small and light, have clear, straight shapes and are refined in design.
Often for such knives are used natural or particularly expensive materials (precious woods, bones, etc.)

Gent knife is made in the same tradition.

Nowadays, modern EDC (Every-Day-Carry) knives with many functions and a clip for your pocket are becoming more and more popular, but real gourmets and sybarites know that the classics are always in fashion.
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Kizlyar Supreme also could not ignore the beautiful traditional knives of the aristocrats of the past, which above all convey pleasure and a certain glamor that is often lacking in modern, more utilitarian products.

Jacket knives perfectly match a suit, decorate a desk and attract attention with their esthetics. In the past, such knives were considered pocket jewelry, along with pocket watches.

The Gent knife is available in D2, 440C and high quality S35VN steels.
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D2 steel is rightly considered one of the best steels in its class in terms of cutting quality.
It is no coincidence that it has been prized by knife manufacturers for more than 50 years. Very few steels stand such a tough test of time.
D2 does not like lateral loads, but for a small Gent knife, that's absolutely no big deal. With nitrogen hardening, the hardness of D2 is about 61-62 HRC.

440C is a modern steel known for its high corrosion resistance, high wear resistance and hardness properties. The steel is calibrated to a hardness of about 60 Rockwells and combines excellent strength, long-lasting edge retention and resistance to chipping.

The blade is made of high quality CPM S35VN powder steel, recognized as one of the best knife steels available today and used only on premium knives.
for premium knives. CPM S35VN features very high wear resistance and strength and is virtually corrosion free. With a hardening of 60-62 HRC, the knife remains perfectly sharpened and the cutting edge is highly resistant to chipping.
against chipping.

Depending on the modification, the handle is made of natural bone or carbon fiber.

We would also like to inform you that we have a new product in our store - elegant leather belt pouches for Gent.
The bags are made in two variants: black and cognac-brown.
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