At the tip of the blade - Vector knife

The Vector knife was originally developed by Kizlyar Supreme specialists for a wide range of users, including law enforcement agencies. And representatives of law enforcement agencies participated as consultants in the development of this knife.
It is based on traditional Soviet combat knives, such as the Trud knife Vacha, NR -40, NR -43 Cherry.
If our grandfathers picked up the Vector, they would undoubtedly say, "This is a Finka". However, if the roots of the knife are domestic and go back to the time of the Great Patriotic War, then it is embodied in the latest materials and in accordance with modern military standards.
and in accordance with modern military standards.
Recently, the requirements for such knives have increased significantly, so the developers faced a difficult task.
нож Kizlyar Supreme, Kizyar Supreme, нож Ural Sleipner, нож Kizlyar, купить нож Россия, Кизляр Суприм
Vector's core concept is "simple, reliable, affordable." And indeed, at the time of the release of the knife.
its price does not exceed 2500 rubles, while in terms of performance, comfort and functionality Vector can easily compete with any combat knife, regardless of the country of manufacture and price category. Let us take a closer look at this knife, because behind its external simplicity is hidden in every detail a great piece of engineering. Suffice it to say that only the 4th prototype of the knife went into production.
нож Kizlyar Supreme, Kizyar Supreme, нож Ural Sleipner, нож Kizlyar, купить нож Россия, Кизляр Суприм
Let's start with the blade. Its length is 160 mm, which covers all the tasks that this knife can face. The Vector is suitable for the tasks of a hunter (taking and cutting up animals), for tourist work such as knocking logs for the fire, planing and making wood French fries for firewood, making branches for bedding, cooking in the field and cutting food. Perhaps some readers will now look at the photo of this brutal knife and smile: "This is the knife? For slicing and field cooking?" Here's the answer, friends. The Vector was designed for the widest possible range of tasks, with the expectation that on a long field trip it may be the only knife with which you have to do absolutely everything, and it's good to have an ax in the group.

The thickness of the Vector blade is about 5.8 mm. This allows it to be called a utility knife, but also gives the blade a huge reserve of power for power work: the same batoning, use as a prop or as a lever. The tip of the knife is also very thick and strong. To compensate for the thick edge, the knife is equipped with very wide arcs that make up more than 4/5 of the blade. These wide, straight slopes with a relatively thin lead give the knife an excellent, controlled cut without any compromise. So the mention of field cooking wasn't just a buzzword: this functionality is also well thought out in Vector. The width of the blade is 22.5 mm, which gives the knife a solid holding power.
нож Kizlyar Supreme, Kizyar Supreme, нож Ural Sleipner, нож Kizlyar, купить нож Россия, Кизляр Суприм
The knife is built on the principle of through-mounting, i.e. the thick tang goes through the handle and comes out at the heel of the blade as a glass bead (also known as a plane, which can be used to hammer in a nail, for example). The handle is made of durable Kraton. This is a special type of rubber plastic that is abrasion, temperature and moisture resistant. The handle does not get soaked, stays snug even when wet, washes off easily and does not get frosty. It features horizontal textured stripes, like the HP -43 "Cherry," and has a barrel shape for an even more secure grip. A strong steel handle protects fingers from the front. Its slight curvature allows you to hold the knife as comfortably as possible. In the back, the handle mushroom protects your fingers from slipping. The knife is equipped with a hole for a lanyard.

The sheath is a special pride of the manufacturer. It is so compact that it easily fits into the MOLLE holder (here the narrow blade of the Vector comes into its own). Special loops allow the sheath to be attached to the unloader with a special steel clip or simple paracord. The special lock, known to many from Kizlyar Supreme's Tactical Echelon line, holds the knife firmly in the handle area and allows the knife to be carried upside down without additional locks. For belt carry, there is a quick release buckle that fits any belt width. The knife can be worn in two ways: on a loose hanger with loosened overhang strap and rigidly on the belt.
нож Kizlyar Supreme, Kizyar Supreme, нож Ural Sleipner, нож Kizlyar, купить нож Россия, Кизляр Суприм
As we can see, a new interesting knife has appeared in Russia.
It has all the qualities of a combat knife, but does not belong to the cold weapons, which means that it is accessible to everyone.
Its luxurious functionality allows you to safely and comfortably work with the knife in any situation and wear it both on unloading systems and on the belt. The appearance of the knife deserves special words: original, stylish and modern. The knife combines recognizable traditional forms of Soviet combat knives with original design embedded in modern materials.

The manufacturer firmly believes that the Vector will take its rightful place in the hearts of lovers of sharpness and will be the first domestic civilian knife, which will not be inferior to the Soviet combat knives. For this reason, it has been worked on for years. Thank you to modern production methods and the latest materials, it will be a worthy competitor for such famous knives as Glock 78, Ka-Bar, WZ98, Reltonen M95 and others.

But as always, it's up to you, friends.