Discount of the week - Amigo D2 Satin neck knives
Until August 13th, purchase Amigo Z and Amigo X neck knives with D2 steel and Satin blade finish
The Amigo series is specially designed to be worn around the neck. When developing the knives of the series, Kizlyar Supreme engineers tried to take into account the most important factors for a neck knife.
First of all, of course, is safety, because carrying a razor-sharp knife around your neck is not very attractive if you can't be completely sure of the safety of the blade locking mechanism. That's why the unique Amigo sheath was designed with the utmost precision, and we conducted many safety tests on the sheath, after which we confidently approved the final version made of modern layered material of high strength and wear resistance G10.

The second thing is, naturally, the utility of the knife - unfortunately, a lot of knives of this type, due to the limitations of the neck knife class, are often limited in utility and don't allow you to take the knife with a confident and secure grip to do any work and, most importantly, do it effectively. With Amigo knives, you can do a lot of things - the knives are designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip. The handle, which extends to the back of the handle, is comfortable in the hand, which, together with the central hole for the index finger, allows you to control the movement of the knife very confidently, even though the size of the handle itself is very small. The length and shape of the blades make working with the knife a pleasure, and the notches on the edge help to perform those operations where special care and precision of cutting is required.

The third factor we took into account is the speed of extraction. We believe that a great neck knife should always be the first to come to its owner's aid in any situation, whether it's an emergency seatbelt cut during an accident or simple everyday operations like peeling apple skins or opening packages or envelopes. Amigo knives feature a G10 lock that instantly releases the knife and prepares it for action with a simple thumb press on the sheath or a jerk to either side.

The fourth factor is size and weight. Since no one wants to carry a weight around their neck, we tried to make the knife as light and compact as possible, but without sacrificing its useful characteristics. In our opinion, Kizlyar Supreme managed to reach a diplomatic compromise and the knife turned out to be perfectly workable.

The fifth factor is the high quality of materials. The most important material of the knife is, of course, steel. Kizlyar Supreme produces knives of different steels - Amigo has two variants - AUS-8 and D2.

D2 is one of the most popular premium steels in the world because of its excellent resistance to wear. It is considered to be the most wear resistant steel and is much more resistant than the also premium ATS-34. The combination of excellent wear resistance, high hardness (61-63 Rockwell) and good corrosion resistance makes this steel an excellent choice for serious knives. D2 has a fairly high chromium content, so it is often referred to as "half stainless" and represents an excellent compromise between the ever warring camps of stainless and high carbon knives. D2 is more resistant to corrosion than most common high-carbon steels, but it needs to be cared for by wiping it down after use and lubricating it periodically.

The final, sixth factor is of course - the "coolness of owning" such a beautiful and stylish knife that is the envy of those around you. Since the Amigo is quite small and does not look aggressive, it does not scare people away as most knives do, but, on the contrary, attracts others. Amigo series knives are bright, fashionable and useful accessories for the modern man, perfect for everyday carry (EDC).