Kizlyar Supreme bronze bead - Bloke
Friends, especially the knife enthusiasts, the company Kizlyar Supreme has released a brand bead with the figure Bloke.

Bloke is the mascot (mascot) of our company. Like a real knife lover, he holds two knives at once: Vector between his teeth and Aggressor in his hand, testing its sharpness with his finger.
The bead is cast in bronze and very detailed.

This brutal guy is sitting on a branded army box - you've probably seen these more than once on our stands at knife shows.

The bead isn't only very expressive but also quite compact - only 10x25x15 mm, its weight is about 15 g.
Paracord easily fits into the hole with a diameter of 5.8 mm. If you don't feel like weaving a lanyard yourself, then all ready-made lanyards that we present in our store are perfect for the Bloke bead.