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In the city and in the country, hiking and walking - this sharp blade made of reliable steel will never let you down.
нож CityHunter, туристический нож, охотничий нож, Кизляр Суприм, Kizlyar Supreme, производство и продажа ножей Россия
Full length: 186 mm
Blade length: 90 mm
Blade thickness: 3.3 mm
Blade width: 25 mm
Handle length: 96 mm
Handle thickness: 11 mm
Weight: 186 g
Steel: N690
Hardness: 61 HRC
Handle: skeleton or with G10
Sheath: Kydex or genuine leather
Blade finish: StoneWash or TacWash
Design: the shank runs the full length of the handle
Warranty: Kizlyar Supreme lifetime warranty
* parameters may vary by up to 5%
нож CityHunter, туристический нож, охотничий нож, Кизляр Суприм, Kizlyar Supreme, производство и продажа ножей Россия


Kizlyar Supreme's Asket small knife is so well thought out, handy and well laid out that there is no task in town, at the cabin or on a hike that it can't handle.

The length of this little guy is 186 mm, of which 90 mm is the blade. Enough for any kind of work, except maybe chopping firewood. And why would he want to do that?
Thanks to its compact size and light weight, the Asket is easy to carry around without anyone noticing.
Austrian premium anti-corrosion steel Bohler N690 in nitrogen hardening developed by Kizlyar Supreme.

The hardness of the blade is 61 HRC: the cutting edge is excellent, the sharpness is maintained and there are no problems with resharpening. The steel is homogeneous, so it is also easy to straighten in use.
Asket is available either with G10 pads or in a skeleton version (without pads).

Thanks to its lightness and compactness, this handy knife is suitable for concealed carrying on a belt under clothing or in a trouser pocket. The Asket can undoubtedly be taken on your toughest missions.
The surface of the blade is treated with TacWash or StoneWash technologies developed by Kizlyar Supreme.

With TacWash the blade will not shine, and StoneWash will protect it from scratches.
The voluminous handle made of G-10 with pronounced relief is designed for long work, therefore the hand doesn't tire even during hard work thanks to its rough texture and ergonomic shape.

From the outside, the knife looks quite elegant, but as soon as you take it in your hand, you feel a strong and reliable tool.
Asket comes with both a classic leather sheath and a sturdy Kydex sheath that is not afraid of moisture.

where to purchase
where to purchase
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