AUS-8420HC - a US standard stainless steel featuring very high impact toughness, strength and high corrosion resistance. Used by Kizlyar Supreme in machetes, throwing knives and affordable work knives to make sure they survive even in most demanding activities.


440C – is considered to be one of the most suitable steels for manufacturing modern high-quality knives. It is widely used in the knives made in the USA. 440C is a modern steel known by its high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and strength properties in comparison to all alloy stainless steels.


AUS-8 - developed in Japan, AUS-8 steel is considered to be one of the best steels featuring such important qualities as good corrosion resistance, good toughness and good wear-resistance. AUS-8 is regarded as very well balanced steel and is used for knives of medium price level in products of leading western knife brands.


Böhler K340 - is a high performance steel featuring unique toughness and wear resistance even at high hardness levels (62-63 HRC). K340 is often used in industrial high-impact cutting and piercing applications that require withstanding heavy loads. Blades made of K340 can be compared to legendary D2 in wear resistance, but perform even better in corrosion resistance and demonstrate higher toughness. Böhler makes K340 with proprietary Electro-Slag Remelting technology.


Böhler N690 - great value steel featuring very good corrosion resistance and edge holding as well as good tolerance to significant impact and lateral loads. Additions of chromium and vanadium enhance edge holding capability, while cobalt and carbon help to retain high hardness. For both K340 and N690 Böhler uses a unique cross-rolling technology, which provides exceptionally homogenous steel ensuring stable great quality in our knives.


Böhler M390 – one of the best steels in the world made using powder metallurgy that allows mixing high volumes of alloys with exceptionally homogenous distribution of carbides and makes it possible to combine features not possible to combine in conventional steels. M390 has it all – highest strength, high wear-resistance, high impact toughness as well as good corrosion resistance. It’s a super steel for super performance.


CPM S35VN - is a US made powder super steel. It was made as an upgrade to another great steel S30V adding, among other properties, higher impact resistance. Powder metallurgy technologies used in its manufacturing allow production of very homogenous high-quality steels with microstructure that significantly surpasses qualities of steels made using traditional metallurgy. Knives made of CPM S35VN hold the edge very well, cut aggressively, resist chipping as well as corrosion and demonstrate great toughness.


D2D2 - is a tool steel that is known by its unparalled edge retention capability in its steel class. Premium-level D2 steel is normally used in high end products of best knife brands. It is one of the most popular steels among expert and amateur knife communities around the world. D2 steel used in Kizlyar Supreme knives is a high carbon and high chromium (adds corrosion resistance) tool steel, featuring high resistance to wear, compression load and abrasion impact.


Niolox - a German stain-resistant tool steel, with good edge holding and decent toughness. Contains niobium, one of the best carbide former. Typical working hardness range is 58-63HRC. Even without powder metallurgy technology, it is a very fine-grained steel, which makes its microstructure homogenous and aids with edge stability. Niolox features very good wear resistance, edge stability and corrosion resistance.


PGK – made by Lohmann from Germany and considered to be D2 steel on steroids, keeping its best properties, but featuring much better toughness and resistance to chipping at high hardness. Gives knives excellent cutting capabilities, great wear resistance and very good resistance to impact stresses and mechanical loads. Suits great for applications that require long-lasting cutting edge and tolerance to serious beating.


Sleipner - a proprietary cold work tool steel from Uddeholm from Sweden. It is a modern modification of the classic D2 steel. Sleipner has improved toughness compared to D2, good wear and chipping resistance at hardness levels of 60-64 HRC which results in a great long-term cutting performance for heavy knife users.





G10 HandlesG10 – thermoset industrial laminated material consisting of layers of fiberglass that are soaked in resin and baked under compression. G10 sheets are very hard, strong and quite lightweight. Material sustains high impact loads and is not affected by temperature or humidity change. G10 that we use has a fine checkering texture that significantly improves grip. G10 comes in a variety of colours and colour combinations. Beside being extremely tough in any environment, it can be processed to look beautiful. CNC-machine 3D processing of G10 allows making handles of any shapes that significantly increase comfort and improve grip for the user.


Micarta – is a very durable industrial grade material able to sustain heavy loads, changes in temperature and humidity, resist chemical and mechanical influence. However, micarta became popular not only because of its great durability, but also thanks to its beautiful patterns that form by laminating layers of different materials and colors. Micarta's strong properties as well as nice looks make it a great choice for those requiring durability and feeling of uniqueness in their knives.


KratonKraton – is a high performance elastomer offering many properties of natural rubber, such as flexibility, high traction, and sealing abilities, but with increased resistance to heat, weathering and chemicals. We use Kraton handles because they provide a great soft grip that does not slip, while at the same time it is quite durable against mechanical influence.


Walnut – is a valued type of wood, it is used extensively by gun manufacturers thanks to its toughness, long-life, light weight and beauty. The root part of the walnut tree features unique texture making each product made of it a fine natural work of art. Knife handles made of walnut root are not only beautiful, but feel great in a hand thanks to its natural warmth and smoothness. We soak our walnut handles in special water-resistant solutions and polish with wax for increased protection, however, as any natural material, walnut requires certain care to keep looking beautiful.