Maximus: \"Новая душа России\" на сайте (Июль 2013)

Maximus: "Новая душа России" на сайте (Июль 2013)





The new soul of Russia: MAXIMUS by Kizlyar Supreme

Author: Alessandra De Santis


Born from just two years, the new Russian brand Kizlyar  Supreme, has become  a leader brand in his country and also has success on the Northern Europe markets with his Hi-Tech knives, designed by a team constituted by designers and engineers from Russia, Germany, Australia and Japan.

Precision, quality and innovation are the keywords with which it is possible to identify the Russian products, made with the accuracy that is generally associated to custom knives.

The blades design are simple with essential lines, no frills or unnecessary ploy to attempt to make the blade more aesthetically attractive. Infact what is really important is the product quality and its usability.

The finishes are excellent and really seems that nothing is left to chance.

The Russian brand is at the forefront about the state of art of modern machinery and equipment for knives production. Each model is available in a variety of finishes and materials; the steels used for blades are D2, AUS8 and for folder knives also 440C.

As evidence of Kizlyar Supreme products quality, all the knives come with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect.


The Maximus, full tang knife with total lenght of 272 mm, belonging to the Outdoor series, has a clip point modified design with a small sharp swage (of about 1cm) that does not follow the grind line, but that gives to the knife a tip shape that is closer to the kind of spear point blades.


With this unusual configuration, the tip has a large penetration capability, as well as a good resistance.


The knife, without guards, has jimping for thumb arrest on the blade spine.


The blade, 143 mm long and 4 mm thick, is made of D2 steel black Titanium coated; on it there is a groove, which is generally improperly called "blood groove ", that is in reality a way of lighten the blade without sacrificing strength.


The handle is made of G10 3D concentric textured, and has already supplied the lanyard applied in the hole.

Maximus, outdoor with military soul, is also available with AUS-8 steel (satin finish or black titanium finish).

All fixed blade knives of Outdoor and Tactical Echelon Series come with sheaths, MOLLE compatible, made of ballistic nylon and with an inner insert for knife retention made of nylon fiber reinforced PA.



The sheaths, which are available in black or camo, are the best youcould wish for in terms of functionality, quality and aesthetics (which never hurts).

Knife retention of the  is perfect and takes place without causing marks on the blade, even the accommodation of the knife inside of the insert reinforced nylon PA is such as not to damage the lining of the knife.

In addition, it is possible to purchase a belt (Thigh Belt TB1) with closing fastex UTF Flex (with secure locking system to prevent accidental opening), made of ballistic nylon,  to adapt it to Kizlyar sheath to wear it on the leg. You can also associate to the sheath other accessories products by Kizlyar Supreme, such as pouch MOLLE compatible, available in 3 different models to contain folding knives, multitools, flashlights or other accessories. As if that were not enough, you can equip the sheath with Survival Pouch containing a box with a complete survival kit.

The compatibility of the MOLLE system of all the sheaths and accessories, makes it extremely simple and easy to anchor their to backpacks, vest, etc.

Kizlyar Supreme products can be purchased for Europe on German website , and for the rest of the world it is possible to order either from Australia ( ) or USA.

Their knives have a quality/price ratio remarkable; just think that the fixed blade knives made of D2 steel have prices ranging between 110 and 130 Euros, and are provided with a really noteworthy sheaths.

Frankly, as far as I could see from the first second that I grip one of their knives, I can say with great confidence that Kizlyar Supreme products are meant to be known and appreciated throughout the world for their reliability and quality.

Also I have to emphasize their professionalism and humility that they have been shown on various occasions in which I could converse with their Managing Director Mr. Konstantin Kulikov. Infact they always take care about users feedback, and they have planned a series of improvements to their new models; this is a sign of the desire to make great a newborn brand, but that it has nothing to envy to the "big" of production blades.

There are few knives manufacturers on which I can overreach in advising to buy their products without hesitation, and certainly the Kizlyar Supreme is one of them.


Technical Data Sheet

Producer: Kizlyar Supreme (Russia) –

Type: full tang

Steel: D2 60-62 HRc, Black Titanium coating

Total lenght: 272 mm

Blade lenght: 143 mm

Blade thickness: 4 mm

Blade width: 32 mm

Handle material: G10

Handle lenght: 129 mm

Handle thickness: 18.3 mm

Sheath: ballistic nylon with inner isert made of nylon fiber renforced PA, MOLLE compatible