Small-Medium Outdoor Knives

Pioneer Sleipner Red

Pioneer Sleipner Red
Pioneer Sleipner Red
Pioneer Sleipner Red

Pioneer will take an honorable place among your most often used knives.

It's narrow 125 mm blade is easy to control. This size is enough for almost any task – from cutting bread to setting up an impromptu camp.

Pioneer’s strongest feature is aggressive and precise cutting which is ensured by full flat grinding with 0.2-0.3 mm cutting edge and fine-tuned balance.

High toughness is assured by knife’s full-tang design and 3.75mm thickness.

The handle is made of Caucasian Walnut or G10 – both versions look nice, but what is more important they feel great and allow secure grips.

Traditional style leather sheath allows deep and secure immersion without using a clumsy button strap.

Pioneer is always ready for an adventure into the unknown.

Total length (mm): 232

Blade length (mm): 125

Blade thickness (mm): 3.75

Handle: G10

Steels: Sleipner

Blade Finish: StoneWash or TacWash

Sheath: Genuine Leather