Small-Medium Outdoor Knives

Flint AUS-8 Satin

Flint AUS-8 Satin
Flint AUS-8 Satin
Flint AUS-8 Satin
Flint AUS-8 Satin
Flint AUS-8 Satin

Just like our already popular Corsair model, Fortuna and Flint also fit into an inexpensive category of knives from Kizlyar Supreme that allow very good performance at very affordable price.

What unites these knives is their light weight, awesome cutting and natural materials: handle is made of Caucasian Walnut, while sheath is made of genuine leather.

Blade made of balanced AUS-8 steel has length of 132mm with thickness of 2.4mm, which is more than required for most everyday tasks.

Knives’ cutting edge is sharpened to 0.2-0.3mm to ensure great results.

Models differ only by blade design – Fortuna features smooth round lines, while Flint has a more aggressive-looking form – the choice depends on what is closer to your liking. Both knives come with nice deep-immersion sheath.

Please do not hang these knives on the wall for admiring, they are made for tough work.

Total length (mm): 247

Blade length (mm): 132

Blade thickness (mm): 2.4

Handle: Caucasian Walnut

Steels: AUS-8

Blade Finish: StoneWash

Sheath: Genuine Leather