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Prime D2 Satin Carbon Fiber

Prime D2 Satin Carbon Fiber
Prime D2 Satin Carbon Fiber
Prime D2 Satin Carbon Fiber
Prime D2 Satin Carbon Fiber

Prime Kizlyar Supreme


Developed by Kizlyar Supreme's Australian designer Julius Conrad, Prime received a serious upgrade for the year 2015 - all elements were redesigned and its ergonomics improved.


If earlier Prime was stylish and daring, then the upgraded version with its new graceful lines and carbon handle received additional gloss and became a real urban looker.


It is an every-day-carry knife of a modern urban man, who definitely has style.


One would definitely want to show Prime off. Since beside its unusually attractive for an EDC knife looks, its made of great materials.


Prime Kizlyar Supreme


Spear-shaped blade of Prime has a very pointy, almost symmetrical, tip, that can pierce anything with ease, while the razor sharp blade made of 440C steel ensures long term cutting without needing constant resharpening.


Ergonomic handle of this version of Prime is made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is commonly used in production of light, but strong parts, replacing metals in many products - from space ships to fishing rods.


Modern airplanes, for example AirBus A350, consist of more than 50% carbon fiber.


Being low in weight carbon fiber is so strong that it is often used instead of steel for reinforcing such monumental structures as bridges, loads on which significantly increased in the past decades.


Beside posessing great strength, with proper processing carbon fiber can be made beautiful. 


The carbon fiber that we use is made specifically for using in handles of knives and this is why it looks so nice.


440C steel is considered one of the most suitable for modern high quality knives. Its a modern steel known for its high-corrosion resistance, high wear-resistance and great hardness properties in comparison to all stainless alloy steels, it can be heat-treated to 60 HRC.


Prime Kizlyar Supreme


Instead of thumbstuds for opening, a disc covered with jimping against slipping is installed, which makes the process of opening the knife with any hand even easier.


The handle is designed in such a way that even without a pronounced guard, the risk of fingers slipping onto the cutting edge is minimal. This is aided by underfinger relief on the handle as well as bolster that is increased in size in relation to the rest of the handle. Beside this, bolster improves overall strength of the knife's structure, which is important in heavy duty use.


As genuine urban EDC, Prime features a nice clip in a shape of an arrow, which is installed at the end of the handle so that when the knife is worn the traditional EDC way - on the inner side of the jeans pocket - only a very small part of the knife sticks out.


At the end of the handle there is a lanyard hole that a lot of users use for inserting a cord, preferrably with nice beads for decoration purposes as well as for easier pulling out of the pocket.

Technical Specifications
Total length 205мм
Blade length 90 мм
Blade thickness 2,75 мм
Blade width 24 мм
Handle length 115 мм
Handle thickness 15 мм
Blade material D2 Steel
Blade finish Polished
Hardness 60-62 HRC
Weight 0,110 г
Handle material Carbon Fiber
Locking mechanism   Liner lock
Whats included Knife, international warranty card, gift box
Warranty Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects (See Warranty section)