Kizlyar Supreme makes some of the best accessories for knives. Our sheaths, pouches, clips and clip platforms are considered thoroughly thought through by many well known experts and users world wide. This is because we do not try to save costs on them. Quite the opposite - we try to choose the best materials for the tasks based on their performance and user experience, rather than price. Most of our knives can be carried in their sheaths upside down safely without falling out. All our pouches, including survival kit, can be installed not only on any belt or MOLLE gear, but also onto any ballistic nylon sheath of Tactical Echelon and Outdoor series. If you need to reduce knife sideways movement and noise associated with it, then you can get your knife a special thigh belt, which can also be used for calf carry options. Kizlyar Supreme's SP and Amigo clips can fit many knives of other brands better than original clips and allow greater attachment and carry options.